Dark Angels

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  • Publish Date: 08/10/2018
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Dark Angels by Jo-Anne Wiley

The deadly name game... There’s a killer systematically working their way through the secret membership of The Coven – an organization of women who are drawn together by an obsession. What’s worse, each victim must provide the name of the next to die.

Lee is pulled into this horrifying abyss when her niece is savagely raped. Although she loves her niece, the thought of Mindy being held down is remarkably captivating, and unable to force the images from her mind, she makes Mindy repeat the story again and again. The allure of sexual assault becomes an addiction: Books, movies, a survivors’ forum. Using a police scanner, she’s always first at a rape crime-scene.

However, she notices a redhead who haunts the same backstreets, and when Lee is followed into a rape-center, it's too much. She chases after the redhead to confront her, but the stranger is not intimidated:

“It’s obvious who you are,” the woman says. “And what you are. You may deny it, but you choose to walk the dark side. You look for despair where others seek happiness. You are touched by a woman's pain; but for the wrong reasons. You prefer to move among tormented souls. You have come to realize that the very best sex is taken; not given.”

“I thought I was the only one,” Lee concedes.

“Oh child. There are others who live in the shadows. I’ll take you; and you will see: You have sisters; angels of darkness.

 Non-consensual, stalking, control, violence, revenge.

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