Freeing Kira

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  • Page Count: 164
  • Publish Date: 11/01/2011
  • Word Count: 56865
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Freeing Kira by BJ Wane

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Years after fleeing her cruel and vicious thug of a husband, Sara Andreas, now known as Kira Walker, panics when she sees her ex’s associates ransacking her houseboat looking for her. She instantly flees, hiding away on the first ship she sees. Unknowingly, the ship she stows away belongs to Gabe Rivers. A reclusive and successful author of suspense novels, he is the epitome of “tall, dark and handsome”. Kira has secretly lusted after him when she’s see him signing books at the bookstore where she works.

Gabe just so happens to see her hide and wonders what could have spooked her, but as he walks down the dock, he sees her houseboat being ransacked. When he boards his own ship, he finds Heather, one of his casual flings, naked and spread out on his bed, waiting for him. Feeling no shame, he takes her roughly, with the hidden Kira watching, then cruelly shows her the door.

After coaxing Kira from the closet, Gabe tries to extract more information about why she’s so scared and who is hunting her. She admits she has to disappear before the men find her, then she confesses that watching Gabe have sex with Heather aroused her immensely. He promptly takes advantage of her teaming desire, although he warns Kira it’s just sex and nothing more.

Once on Gabe’s island, Kira meets Will, his best friend and Alec, his cousin. The three striking men own the island, and assure her of its maximum security. They get more details of her flight from her husband and promise to help her. Although Gabe tries to keep Kira at arm’s length, he cannot resist her once he’s plundered her. Soon he must choose to send her away to his associates or keep her safe on his island where he can delight in opening her mind and body to new sexual delights.

Another fast-paced and kinky romance from BJ Wane. Includes: Oral & anal sex, spanking, flogging, St. Andrew’s Cross, lesbianism, threesomes, whipping, caning, female fruit buffet and much, much more!

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