Kelly's Story
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Kelly's Story

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Iurii Davydov -
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  • Page Count: 212
  • Publish Date: 06/29/2018
  • Word Count: 63032
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Kelly’s Story by  J. A. Smith

Kelly was the girl no one noticed in school. But in five short years, things have changed. At her five-year reunion, no one knows she is, but heads quickly turn when she walks in the room. She’s gone from little miss nobody to the fox of the party. Relying on her wild imagination to furnish her with naughty ideas, she becomes quite the sexual adventuress. She explores her lesbian side with a coworker. Wears short skirts and no panties when she tries on shoes, getting the reaction she hopes for when sexy young salesclerks stare into her wide open crotch. Then, enlisting the assistance of her good friend Wendy, the pair pick up male playmates for hot three-ways. They go so far as to force one of their lovers to jack off and eat his own cum. And yet, even the free-spirited Kelly wants someone special in her life. She’s dating two men simultaneously, a handsome, dignified doctor and a hot motorcycle cop. While she likes them both, she knows eventually she’ll need to choose between them. But which one?

Kelly’s steamy adventures are told in graphic detail and include exhibitionism, female bisexuality, pubic sex, group sex, anal sex, toys, forced rimming, submission and domination, a transgender playmate, and an introduction into swinging.

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