Lost & Found - ebook
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Lost & Found - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Patricia Chumillas - Shutterstock.com
  • ISBN: 9781938897665
  • Page Count: 62
  • Publish Date: 06/272014
  • Word Count: 30790
  • Item #: PF3062e
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Lost & Found by Nat Cameron

Samantha had disappeared into the predictability of her life. She felt as if she had been sleepwalking through the last years of her marriage. Walking away, had been the right decision, but it had been hard on her family, and on her.

‘I’d been way too vulnerable,’ she said to herself as she tried to understand and forgive herself for the disastrous relationship she jumped into shortly after her divorce. From day one, Bobby was so attractive, intense, seductive, yet incapable of connecting with the people in his life. Although he had trusted her enough to tell her why, she had known he was incapable of any kind of emotional intimacy. But they connected so beautifully when they had sex. She loved the sex, the lust that had been missing from her life for so many years. Eventually with Bobby, she began to explore her fantasies. When the inevitable happened, when the sex stopped and Bobby withdrew, Sam had felt more pain than the divorce had caused. ‘The brightest light causes the darkest shadows’ had been her way of summing up that tumultuous time with Bobby; the beautiful stranger.

After all of these events, Sam’s decision to try on-line dating brings cautious optimism and many friends with all kinds of advice. She hopes to find a man who will combine Bobby’s passion with the emotional connection she knows she will always have with her ex-husband Jeff, even though they had slowly grown apart.

Sam lets herself take the ultimate risk again, discovering a connection that is exciting and safe enough for her to love deeply and explore her kinkiest, most intimate sexual fantasies and secrets.

Heterosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian scenes of BDSM, Bondage, Spanking and Pet Girl Fantasies, Non-consensual, Humiliation, Punishment

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