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  • Page Count: 344
  • Publish Date: 12/02/2016
  • Word Count: 88211
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Meat-Locker: Two ‘sex-thrillers’ by Jo-Anne Wiley

The cops at the 14th Precinct call it the Meat-Locker. For the nurses at Rosedale, it’s the refrigerated compartments downstairs. Either way, it’s best avoided by a pretty girl who knows too much...and tells. And yes, avoid your last trip to the any cost. Eight-Inch Girls. That’s what they call Dr. McAllister’s nurses who attract the wealthy in a scheme to expand the hospital. She employs a leggy Scandinavian who is very persuasive with rich patients: One look at that blonde hair, that mouth, and they can’t wait to bequeath large sums. The fact they have to die before the women get the money is a minor wrinkle. It’s a hospital, after all! But a young nurse is eyeing McAllister’s job and she’s gone straight to the CEO. Spying on the girl as she seduces the old fuddy-duddy, Dr. McAllister reaches for the cardiac syringe; the one with a three-inch needle. “You’ll like me...I’m better than my daughter.” Molly’s gone. The curly-headed poppet was on the way to the track and never made the bus. Her mother’s frantic. They want two-million. In desperation, Molly turns to a female friend: Tommy Vencenzi, who seeks out one of her father’s cronies for help. The mafia kingpin arranges a trade: mother for daughter. But the kidnappers have no interest in honoring the bargain. After all, what better fantasy than a mother and her daughter? These two stories includes: Edgy content, sexual conniving, non-consensual, humiliation, blackmail and revenge.

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