Our Lady of Pain
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Our Lady of Pain

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  • Page Count: 348
  • Publish Date: 08/28/2015
  • Word Count: 93055
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Our Lady of Pain by Victoria Morris

Corinne Anderson is stuck in a boring job and ready for something new. When the pretty brunette is unexpectedly approached in a restaurant by an unusually attractive priest, she learns he's an old classmate, Gregory Monroe. Corinne is strangely attracted to the man and after a very skillful and deliberate seduction on Gregory's part, she's baited into attending his Friday night service at the mysterious Saint Dolores Chapel. She quickly learns that Gregory Monroe is not an ordinary priest, but a BDSM dominant; and at St. Delores, the BDSM lifestyle has been taken to the level of a religion. She's immediately alarmed, and yet she cannot suppress the powerful sexual urges that Gregory has released in her.

Finally relenting to her own desires, she agrees to join the Order and soon finds herself in cuffs, collar and chastity belt, living in a small cell. These are the first steps in a rigorous seven week, seven stage program of submission, which will prepare her to become Gregory's 'personal assistant'. She spends her days blindfolded, is hooked to sex machines, endures 'slave labor' and is finally stripped of her identity, humiliated and demeaned. Corinne learns to her horror that she'll become the centerpiece of the Friday night service, destined to endure 'the torments of the congregation'.

While Corinne goes deep into the abuse and ecstasy of St. Dolores, a tug of war ensues between Gregory and her friend Debra, who insists that the Order is a dangerous cult. Can Debra extricate her friend from this depraved society? Or will Gregory succeed in making Corinne 'Mine'?

Our Lady of Pain is a contemporary story of lust and romance: one woman's journey into the dark realms of sexual surrender. Graphic scenes are wide ranging in content and include punishment, public floggings, enemas, bondage, medical devices, electric play, contractual sex agreements and sexual ceremonies.

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