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Performance Review

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  • Page Count: 156
  • Publish Date: 03/31/2017
  • Word Count: 39081
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Performance Review by Jessica Roberts

Messy, disorganized and a bit lazy to boot, the work-at-home Judith is confronted by her disgruntled boss, Jeremy, for the increasingly poor quality of her work. Once he lays eyes on her disaster of an apartment, he lays down the law, issuing a shocking ultimatum. While she listens in astonishment, Jeremy rattles off a string of rules and regulations that will not only get her working again, they’ll clean up her apartment and regulate every minute of her day. Can he be serious? As if his ridiculous demands were not enough, he has the audacity to add the most shocking requirement of all…to pay for her negligence, she’ll willing submit the “punishment” he personally metes—punishment involving her bared behind and his leather belt. Humiliated by this absurd proposal, Judith orders him out. But before he returns two hours later to pick up the company files, a despondent Judith reflects on her options and finally accepts the truth.

Once agreeing to Jeremy’s terms, there’s no turning back. Daily paddlings, corner time for an hour afterwards … and before long, the amazing fact that her spankings arouse her. Jeremy’s control of her soon extends not just to her work, but her sex life too. She becomes his to control, to use as he pleases, and, eventually, she’s his to love.

Classic spanking fiction that includes ruthless punishment, strict discipline, dominance, control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial and of course, a woman who, in spite of herself, learns the benefits of submission to the rule of Dominant man.

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