Shutter-Buggered: Women Shattered Under the Lens
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Shutter-Buggered: Women Shattered Under the Lens

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  • Page Count: 268
  • Publish Date: 04/24/2015
  • Word Count: 69056
  • Item #: PF4307
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Shutter-Buggered:  Women Shattered Under The Lens by Jo-Anne Wiley

Three Sexy Novellas

Victim of a Victimless Crime – Her husband is downsized, the savings gone, and her home on the auction block. Ann is out of options – until a friend suggests one of those 'Office Temp' places; a secretarial service, but with a difference.  And they don't care if you can type! The idea is humiliating, going against everything she holds dear…but the money is too good to pass up.

Everything works out fine and the money rolls in, until someone is blackmailing clients and all eyes turn to Ann. Once her boss has her photographed ‘in the act’, they own her soul and she must work for free. But when one of the girls is murdered, it’s time to fight fire with fire – literally. Fifteen gallons of gasoline and book a matches!

In My Husband's Private Playground, a newly wedded woman takes a provocative photo of herself and makes it into a Valentine for her husband. Great idea at the time. Though the picture eventually disappears, ten years later she learns her husband lost it in a poker game! Now a young man shows up on her doorstep, photo in hand, expecting sexual favors – which leads to a whole new kind of sexual fun.

And in Hard Cover, after a brief affair with the town’s ‘bad boy’, the sexually frustrated librarian Becky sets her sights on a mature, older gentleman who frequents the library. Though he resists her advances, one day she snuggles into his lap and is caught on camera by her biker bad boy, Danny. Danny will return the photos, but only if she agrees to serve beer and sandwiches to his friends wearing nothing more than her high heels. Not about to let Danny get his way, she plots a cunning revenge with the help of a savvy big city girl, who will have no problem taking down the unsuspecting Danny.

Includes: male domination, some female domination, intrigue, humiliation, degradation, oral sex, anal sex, and female bisexuality.

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