White Silk
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White Silk

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Galina Tcivina - Shutterstock.com
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  • Page Count: 150
  • Publish Date: 03/032000
  • Word Count: 49312
  • Item #: PF1039
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White Silk by Lizbeth Dusseau

Traveling alone through Romania, photo-journalist Michelle Monroe is kidnapped from the Orient Express by a band of terrorists. After a harrowing night bound to a metal bed, she’s indoctrinated by a brutal mercenary, Colonel Broc. Her life as an independent women ends in a stunning scene of surrender. She’s stripped, shaved and branded, becoming the sex slave White Silk.

Being trained to submit, a tenuous dance with compliance and rebellion follows as she’s taken to a training compound in an unknown Middle Eastern locale where she’s prepared for her sale to a wealthy 21st century slave owner.

During her year of training, she becomes the Colonel’s favorite whore, and a strange but uncertain affair of the heart eclipses - if only briefly - her slave status. Silk wonders if she can stir his cold heart, if her ultimate fate is truly written. Only when she finds herself on the auction block do the answers to her questions begin to unfold.

This erotically sensuous novel includes graphically told acts of S&M including, whipping, bondage, restraint, anal sex, Fem/fem sexuality.

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